Bitcoin Cyber Hornets T-Shirt

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Bitcoin Cyber Hornets T-Shirt

We have recently launched a new Bitcoin Cyber Hornets T-Shirt in our Bitcoin store.

Of course, it pays homage to MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor who famously coined the term to describe Bitcoin network of nodes, miners and Bitcoiners who are there to work on, protect, and simply use the Bitcoin network.

Saylor says cyber hornets are the ones serving Bitcoin, and because of their belief, work and enthusiasm it is all serving ‘the goddess of wisdom’ – Bitcoin, which is ultimately making the network smarter, faster and stronger while protecting it behind a wall of encrypted energy.

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The Bitcoin Cyber Hornets T-Shirt @ Bitcoin Maximalist Store

As you can see, our latest t-shirt design perfectly depicts Saylor’s cyber hornet thesis/meme whatever it has becomes, and allows any proud Bitcoiner to show their colors in serving the goddess of wisdom.

The two designs differ slightly for the dark and light cottons. The only difference being the text is a different color so it’s clearly visible on the background.

Here we have added our sketch from the designer to show you how much art and effort goes into creating our prints. The designer is Van Amstel Studios, a well-renowned graphic design and digital marketing firm based in the UK.

Working with Van Amstel ensures all of our products are original (notwithstanding the classic Bitcoin Accepted Here design), which is something we at Bitcoin Maximalist take pride in.

The t-shirt is already gaining traction and we believe it will quickly become a favourite among the Bitcoin community.

The Cyber Hornets t-shirt is the latest in our designs in the Bitcoin merch store. We have many other designs paying homage to famous Bitcoin terms such as, Bitcoin Maximalist, Hard Money You Can’t F*ck With, and our best selling Bitcoin Binary Code T-Shirt. We also have a wide range of classic images from pop culture, Bitcoin manipulated of course, and have recently launched a children’s range for those who were lucky enough to be born a Bitcoiner.

Some of our designs are unique for t-shirts or hoodies etcetera, but if you would like any design on a product and you don’t see it, contact us directly and we can arrange it for you.

Our T-Shirts Are Of The Highest Quality

All our Bitcoin t-shirts are made of a thick, yet soft cotton. They all have double stitching on the neckline and sleeves to add more durability, but even so they feel light and comfortable when wearing in summer.

We have kept our colors limited because, like Bitcoin, we believe in scarcity, so we’ve carefully chosen the right colors for the right design.

The print is lightweight, with no horrible clear seal over the design. Everything is to the highest of standards that you expect from our Bitcoin store, and we are very proud of every design we create.

We have a partner manufacturer based in the US, EU and Japan, all of whom keep exactly the same style t-shirts in stock and ensuring the prints are of the highest standard.

We are confident in the quality of the material and print of our products, but in the rare event that our customers are not happy with a faulty product, we offer a full refund. For more details check our returns policy.

If You’re a True Bitcoiner, You’re a Bitcoin Cyber Hornet

Bitcoin is the goddess of wisdom. All the energy and intelligence being sent to and stored in Bitcoin as monetary energy is a perfect analogy coined by Michael Saylor.

Bitcoin cyber hornets is a perfect meme for any Bitcoiner and we believe it’s time to show your colors with our latest Bitcoin t-shirt.


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