Bitcoin Is A Peaceful Protest

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Bitcoin Is A Peaceful Protest

With the murder of George Floyd by Minneapolis policemen causing half a nation to rise up, it was inevitable that looters and rioters would hijack the good that a peaceful protest would be doing.

All the good that a peaceful protest would have done, was diluted after the rioting began. Some might sympathize with the rioters, after all the coordinated manipulation of the race and socioeconomic situation has done them no favors.

But is it really worth smashing up your home town? Isn’t there a better way? Bitcoin is a peaceful protest that finally gives people a chance.

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Nothing Ever Changes

While I understand the anger and frustration of the African American community, their on-going fight against the systemic racism that plagues the core of American society will not change, even though it has been highlighted yet again.

Did it change after the Rodney King incident in Los Angeles? Did it change after the multiple murders by policemen repeatedly shooting unarmed black men in the back? Did it change after Martin Luther King’s murder? No.

Do people really think Donald Trump or Joe Biden will change things, when even Barrack Obama did nothing? The truth is, people of color are treated differently, even the ones lucky enough to climb the socioeconomic ladder.

It’s systemic and it’s done on purpose to divide a nation and to keep the prisons full. Sure protesting will help, but protesting for 2 weeks and then getting on with life means it will be brushed under the carpet as quickly as the last one. Until the next murder.

Protest Forever Not For 2 Weeks

The best way to make change is to peacefully protest, forever. And the best way to protest is cut off the government’s power by taking away its control of money supply.

The monetary system is built on debt. Debt to whom? Debt is created to print as much as they want out of thin air to pay for illegal wars, to cover up systemic corruption and racism, and to pay for our police to “protect” us.

The monetary system doesn’t work, for the many.

The monetary system is built on corruption and is a tool for control, and money printing is one of the greatest drivers of inequality.

Privatized profits and socialized losses.

If we don’t protest against that, we will always pay for illegal wars, and we will always pay for systemic corruption and racism, and we will be the ones who pay for inequality to widen.

The system is corrupt, and a perennial protest against it is the only way change can be introduced.

The best way to protest is to buy Bitcoin. Bitcoin is a peaceful protest.

Bitcoin Is A Peaceful Protest

Many people think voting red or blue makes a difference. How gullible! And neither does not voting. The only way to make a difference is by taking away control of the money.

Bitcoin is a decentralized money. Nobody controls it and nobody can print it at will. It’s governed by whoever wants to get involved in decision making, and it is the most secure and democratic network ever created.

Bitcoin is censorship-resistant, which anyone can be a part of it. With an Internet connection you have a bank, but the systemic banks don’t control your funds.

Bitcoin is an open ledger that anybody can audit, and if used by people that are supposed to serve us, it will beget transparency and root out corruption.

And buying Bitcoin requires no violence, no looting, and no fear of being shot. Bitcoin is a peaceful protest.

Every penny that goes into Bitcoin leaves the system. Every penny that goes into Bitcoin shifts control away from the few to the many. Every penny that goes into Bitcoin helps erase the divide.

The only way to stop systemic racism and everything else that comes along with it is to change the way they control us.

There will only ever be 21 million bitcoins, and 2.1 billion bits

They control us by the debt they put us in, they control us by the class we’re divided into, and they control us by fear. To do this they need control of the money.

Buying Bitcoin will not change government corruption and societal divide overnight, but neither will a fortnight of protesting.

The narrative will change when the media thinks it’s in their interests to do so, and when they do we’ll all get angry and scared about something else. Coronavirus, anybody?

Bitcoin is a long game, but a democratic and transparent money is the only way to drive change and make the people who are supposed to serve us, serve us.

People who truly get Bitcoin understand the societal impact it could have. It is a tiny part of the global economy, but as it grows it will pioneer change like nothing before it.

Bitcoin is a peaceful protest, and it’s our best hope.


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