Bitcoin to $70k by EOY – So Says Popular Analyst

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Bitcoin to $70k by EOY – So Says Popular Analyst

For those of you who have been following the Bitcoin price, you’ll know it’s been pretty flat since April. But things might be about to change according to popular analyst CredibleCrypto, who believes it might just soar a staggering 130% surge – propelling it towards the dizzying heights of $70,000 by this year’s conclusion.

Broadcasting this audacious prophecy to his vast sea of 340,0000 Twitter disciples is the pseudonymous soothsayer, CredibleCrypto. He envisages a trajectory for Bitcoin that transcends the significant $70,000 watermark within this calendar year.

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Choppy Waters Before 🌕 🚀

Now, for context, let’s not misrepresent. CredibleCrypto does interject a note of caution. And as always, the path to this bullish pinnacle might be speckled with undulating valleys and peaks.

Bitcoin (BTC), he observes, has shown a rather laudable resilience hovering around $29,000, perhaps hinting at its nadir. Yet, he sagely warns of the inherent caprices of this digital frontier, and warned “not [to] be surprised if we chop around for a bit longer before the mega move up starts.”

He advises the investor clan to retain their vision on the grand tapestry of Bitcoin’s journey. A downward drift should not send one into the throes of pessimism. A value above $25,000, he suggests, is “a gift”.

And for those with a memory like a steel trap, November 2021 saw Bitcoin scaling its zenith close to $70,000. Elaborating on this, CredibleCrypto opines that once this milestone is revisited, a resistance might be encountered at a jaw-dropping $100,000.

Such a meteoric rise, he articulates, might unravel in the months trailing the shattering of the previous pinnacle, hinting at a conceivable touch of the $100,000 landmark either at the tail end of this year or at the dawn of 2024.

Other Bitcoin OGs Share His Sentiment

It’s worth noting, for the aficionados, that others in the analytical world share this buoyant sentiment. Case in point, the erudite Preston Pysh anticipates an annual doubling of BTC value, in USD of course.

And Bitcoin OG, Blockstream CEO Adam Back has Blockstream CEO has voiced his bullish optimism, predicting the Bitcoin price will eclipse the $100,000 mark before the halving, which is expected by April 2024.

So much so, he’s bet one million satoshis. Sure, it’s only worth around $290, but if anyone isn’t going to part with his satoshis easily, it’s Adam Back. And remember, 1 million bitcoins weren;t worth much a while back…


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