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Editorial Policy

Editorial Policy

Updated August 16, 2023

Our mission at Bitcoin Versed is to provide comprehensive and engaging content around the Bitcoin network. Whether you are new to Bitcoin and seeking content to learn about it, or here for the latest Bitcoin news we aim to inform. From the latest news to what’s being built on and around the Bitcoin network, we want to help you fully appreciate everything Bitcoin.

We have been at it for since 2020, when we launched as bitcoinmaximalist.net. We rebranded to Bitcoin Versed in August 2023 after having taken some time out to consider our options. That’s we decided on the rebrand and now we are here, back to produce the best and most consistent Bitcoin (BTC) content.


Informative: The Bitcoin space is vast and multi-faceted. We strive to bring you comprehensive, well-researched information and news that broadens your understanding and deepens your appreciation of it.

Balanced: We are Bitcoiners and investors, but we maintain a balanced viewpoint. We will critique when needed, praise when deserved, and produce content even on things we mauy not agree on.

Accurate: Accuracy is paramount to us. We work with Bitcoin scholars, other journalists, and dedicated Bitcoiners to ensure our information is correct and up-to-date. Any errors brought to our attention by our readers are promptly investigated and corrected. Please contact us for corrections.

Inclusive: Bitcoiners come from all walks of life, and our writers are based around the world. We strive to ensure that our content is respectful and inclusive, informative and entertaining.


Our content aligns with the Code of Ethics from the Society for Advancing Business Editing and Writing (SABEW), ensuring accuracy, fairness, minimal harm, independence, accountability, and transparency.

Editorial Process

Our editorial team comprises Bitcoin enthusiasts and industry professionals who write, manage, and update the articles on bitcoinversed.com. We don’t just present facts, we provide detailed analysis, insightful context and opinion, and interesting educational to keep you engaged and informed.

We regularly evaluate our content for potential inaccuracies or outdated information. Such articles are promptly updated, or if necessary, rewritten, rechecked, and re-edited.

Quality Standards

Our content is meticulously crafted by a dedicated team working to ensure that every article is informative, accurate, engaging, and reflective of our editorial principles. Our team approves all story ideas independently, and each contributor brings in-depth knowledge to the topics they cover.

Our editors, fact-checkers, and producers review the content to ensure it upholds our commitment to being informative, balanced, accurate, and inclusive. All staff members are required to disclose potential conflicts of interest.


At Bond Scenes, we are committed to maintaining the integrity of our content by admitting and correcting any mistakes. Both minor and major corrections will be clearly stated on the page. Please report possible errors to bitcoinmaxed@gmail.com.


Our writers are recruited for their expertise in Bitcoin, price analysis, and their ability to communicate complex topics in an accessible and engaging manner. Each writer’s credentials and other relevant details can be found in their bio linked at the bottom of every article they write.

Third-Party Content

Any third-party content featured on bitcoinversed.com is carefully reviewed to ensure it aligns with our editorial policies and standards. Such content will be clearly labeled to denote its source.

Warranty and Liability Disclaimer

The opinions and analyses expressed on bitcoinversed.com are intended for informational and entertainment purposes only. While we strive to provide reliable content, we cannot guarantee its absolute accuracy or completeness.

Advertising Disclosure

Updated August 16, 2023

Bitcoin Versed accepts advertising but maintains a strict and clear separation between advertising and editorial content. All advertisements are clearly marked as such, and we strive to ensure that advertising does not detract from your reading experience.

We maintain a distinct separation between advertising and editorial content. None of which is influenced by advertisements, and any sponsored content will be clearly labeled as such.

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