How To Buy Bitcoin With A Walmart MoneyCard

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How To Buy Bitcoin with a Walmart MoneyCard

Did you know you could buy Bitcoin with a Walmart MoneyCard? That’s right, if you have America’s favourite pre-paid debit card it’s easy to buy Bitcoin instantly, and you don’t even have to go to the store.

It’s been an ongoing debate: can I get Bitcoin at Walmart? And while they do not sell Bitcoin in the store (it’s an Internet native money after all), it’s clear the company is opening up to the idea of Bitcoin.

There are more ways to buy BTC than pretty much any other asset. Think about it, buying stocks is limited to market hours in whichever country you want to buy. Buying property, art or wine is limited to many factors, but buying Bitcoin is global and 24/7/365.

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Bitcoin is a unique asset, highly liquid and its network effect is growing exponentially. The Walton family knows this so they are creating ways to buy Bitcoin at Walmart whichever ways possible.

There Are Many Ways To Buy Bitcoin

A subtle warning before we start: Because you give your personal details to Walmart when you sign up for a card, this isn’t a way to buy Bitcoin anonymously. If 100% privacy is your aim and you don’t want anybody to know you’re buying BTC, check this article out: How To Buy Bitcoin Anonymously.

Buying Bitcoin has never been easier. There are so many avenues open for anyone wanting to get hold of Bitcoin, the space is completely unrecognizable from just a few years ago.

Five years ago, it was really awkward to buy BTC. You had to put a lot of trust in some shady cryptocurrency platforms (they weren’t all shady, but not everyone had access to the best ones), and hope they would keep to their end of the trade.

There are still some shady platforms out there, but most people have access to the biggest and best places now, and there are literally thousands of ways to buy BTC.

Most people buy Bitcoin from cryptocurrency exchanges, like Kraken or Swan Bitcoin, but the options go way beyond that.

Recently, PayPal announced they were starting to offer Bitcoin services. And while this is big news, anyone who buys Bitcoin with PayPal should know that you can’t take your bitcoins from their platform.

So, buying BTC on PayPal isn’t really recommended as yet. Maybe when PayPal offers a withdrawal option it will be, but until then I won’t use the payments giant.

Walmart is a traditional bricks and mortar store. Globally recognized and one that has built its reputation over decades, so the fact you can get Bitcoin at Walmart now, shows how far Bitcoin has come.

You can’t walk into a store and buy Bitcoin at Walmart yet, but of course you can buy some with a Walmart MoneyCard, and it’s really easy to do.

What is a Walmart MoneyCard

A Walmart MoneyCard is a pre-paid debit card, which allows you to buy anything anywhere that accepts VISA and Mastercard debit cards.

The card comes with many of the same features as a checking account, and any money you store on there will give you 2% interest APY.

For anyone shopping at Walmart, you can earn 3% cash back at, 2% at Walmart fuel stations, and 1% at Walmart stores.

You can also use it to get access to your paycheck up to 48 hours early if you get paid onto your MoneyCard.

There’s also an Apple or Android Walmart MoneyCard App that allows you to control and track the activity on your prepaid card.

And best of all for us Bitcoiners, you can now buy Bitcoin with a Walmart MoneyCard.

Buy Bitcoin With A Walmart MoneyCard

Once you have your MoneyCard, and you’ve topped it up, you will need to create an account at Paxful.

Paxful also allows you to buy Bitcoin with a Walmart Gift Card, so if you have one it’s a similar process to buying with a MoneyCard.

Paxful is a peer-to-peer Bitcoin marketplace, and it’s not like traditional exchanges such as Kraken or Swan. Paxful is more a meeting ground for buyers and sellers of Bitcoin, and it acts as the trusted mediator between both parties.

There are more than 350 ways to buy Bitcoin on Paxful, with vendors accepting pretty much any national currency, airmiles, and of course pre-paid debit cards.

Creating an account at Paxful is easy, and to learn how to do so and read a complete review of the Bitcoin marketplace, check this article out.

Buying Bitcoin with a Walmart MoneyCard on Paxful is as easy as any other way. Simply click on the ‘Buy Bitcoin With’ section and click on ‘Show All’ and find the Walmart MoneyCard option.

Once clicked, it will present you all the vendors willing to accept payment this way. When you see a price you’re happy to pay, click ‘Buy’ and follow the instructions.

*Important: Before you buy anything from a vendor, check out their profile and rating. Make sure you only buy from someone who’s built up an excellent rating with thousands of sales.

If everything is ok, simply fill out the amount of Bitcoin you wish to buy, and click ‘Buy’. The amount of Bitcoin you want to buy will automatically be sent to an escrow where it will be kept until you confirm payment.

You will then be directed to the next page, which you will need to follow a few simple instructions, and complete the method of payment.

Once you agree, a live chat will open with the seller. Once both parties are happy that payment has been sent, the escrow will deposit your BTC into your Paxful wallet, and Paxful will release the funds you sent to the seller.

Buying Bitcoin Has Never Been More Accessible

Bitcoin is steadily becoming more mainstream, and the options for buying BTC are abound.

Walmart is still the largest publicly traded retailer, according to Forbes. And although physical stores have taken a real hit this year, Walmart is still America’s favourite shopping destination.

But America’s favourite retailer isn’t just about TVs, microwaves and refrigerators nowadays. Walmart has grown into the fintech space in recent years and offers many financial tools for its legion of fans.

And now you can buy Bitcoin with Walmart MoneyCard. And as long as you have your card on you, it will take you less time to buy Bitcoin that it did to read this article.

Happy shopping, and welcome to the world of Bitcoin.


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