Metagood to Migrate OnChainMonkey NFTs to Bitcoin

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Metagood to Migrate OnChainMonkey NFTs to Bitcoin

In a precedent-setting move, Metagood, the magicians behind OnChainMonkey (OCM), are shifting the grand OCM Genesis, a 10,000 NFT behemoth, from Ethereum‘s playground—typically the hotbed of smart contracts—straight into the heart of Bitcoin’s fortress.

On August 30, 2023, the OCM team put forth an idea: Why not cover the migration costs and give a free pass to every OCM Genesis NFT aficionado flashing a Bitcoin Badge? Earned with sweat and time, this badge was the prize for those OCM loyalists who dove headfirst into year-long missions.

The deal? A hefty subsidy of 350 ETH, approximately slapping the table with a whopping $570,787, to make the journey to Genesis a tad easier. And boy, did it get a standing ovation! With a record-busting 4,700 votes cheering in the affirmative, a whopping 99% were all for the Bitcoin migration.

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Considering this was the highest voter turnout within a day since the OCM DAO set up shop in 2021, it’s safe to say the community was jazzed up.

Metagood’s co-founder, Amanda Terry, put it perfectly, “A historical transition is on the horizon. Inscribed in early February in inscription #20219, Genesis embodies our unwavering faith in a shimmering future for digital artifacts on Bitcoin.”

onchainmonkey to migrate to BTC

Behind the Migration: The Tech and the Visionaries

This wasn’t a ‘wham bam, thank you, ma’am’ affair. No, sir. There was some solid learning on Bitcoin Ordinals and the sparkling new tech, Recursive Inscriptions, stirred up by the Metagood bigwigs. They were the brains behind the migration dream and the artisans of the DAO proposal.

Yet, the community’s helping hand only goes so far. The full tab for the migration dances around the $1M mark, and Metagood’s stepping up to cover the rest for their loyal legion of holders.

Danny Yang, the main man at Metagood and the genius behind the OCM Genesis Collection, was clear on their stance. “Our OCM community has conviction in our move to Bitcoin,” he said. But he wasn’t done yet, “A migration of this scale? It’s massive for our OCM Community. The Genesis collection is all set to be legendary, even sitting on Block 9 Satoshis (sats), the OG sats. They’re all organized neat and tidy, echoing the sats, and bearing the clear stamp of their journey—from Ethereum’s embrace to Bitcoin’s stronghold.”

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For the cherry on top? Yang added, “Many projects in the past have had fat checks thrown at them to jump blockchains. Us? We’re going the other way. Our belief in this move is so solid that we’re dropping over $1M of our own to bring this to life on Bitcoin, and in a way that’s groundbreaking.”

About OnChainMonkey

OnChainMonkey is the brainchild of Metagood. Birthed on Ethereum in 2021, it became the inaugural NFT profile picture collection crafted on-chain in one fell swoop. Fast forward to 2023, it carves history anew, etching its mark as the premier 10k collection on Bitcoin.

This assembly of 10,000 avant-garde NFTs boasts leadership from legends: Danny Yang, the brains behind Taiwan’s crypto titan Maicoin; Amanda Terry, once at the helm of digital dynamism at Twitter and NBC; and the investment oracle, Bill Tai. Together, this community charts new waters in Web3, shaping tangible global impacts. Dive deeper at


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