Robert Kiyosaki Bullish on Bitcoin

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Robert Kiyosaki Bullish on Bitcoin

Robert Kiyosaki, co-author of the iconic Rich Dad Poor Dad and international financial guru has predicted that holders of Bitcoin will reap rewards as “fake money savers” lose out in upcoming economic shifts.

On Thursday the outspoken New York Times Best Selling author tweeted: “When Federal Reserve, Treasury and Wall Street pivot with trillions being printed – those who own gold, silver & Bitcoin will get richer while fake money savers are set to be the biggest losers.”

The renowned goldbug has long been vocal about the looming perils of America’s pension crisis. In 2020, he and Edward Siedle teamed up to write an eye-opening book on this topic: “Who Stole My Pension?” Through their research they uncovered what could be one of history’s greatest financial threats – a potential global retirement disaster.

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When the UK recently weathered its own near catastrophe with pensions funds teetering close to collapse, Kiyosaki warned that U.S., too risks suffering similar circumstances in light of inaction on our nation’s precarious finance system.

Kiyosaki brought up the 1971 decision by President Richard Nixon to take the world off the gold standard, saying the fateful decision would have far-reaching consequences. ‘He removed the U.S. dollar from its longstanding link to gold and tied it instead to the full faith and credit, essentially making it fake money.’

The renowned author has expressed his distrust of the Federal Reserve, Treasury Department, President Joe Biden and Wall Street, and is often outspoken about governmental institutions.

He advised people to take a different approach to securing their wealth – buying bitcoin as an alternative instead of relying on traditional methods which he suggested could potentially destroy the U.S dollar.

Robert Kiyosaki isn’t known for mincing his words and when speaking of the recent collapse of FTX, he labelled former CEO Sam Bankman-Fried as ‘the Bernie Madoff of crypto’.

Despite this assertion, however, Kiyosaki clarified that there is no blame to be had for Bitcoin in regard to what happened and emphasized his support for BTC by affirming that he’s a hodler rather than trader.

Bitcoin Back in Favour With Kiyosaki

Rich Dad, Poor Dad author Robert Kiyosaki has had a turbulent relationship with Bitcoin. At times encouraging the purchase and use of Bitcoin in portfolio diversification strategies – he tends to flip flop, saying more stringent government regulations could potentially lead to seizure of Bitcoin.

This obviously shows he doesn’t, or maybe that should be didn’t understand it. Sure enough Kiyosaki is a goldbug, but it seems apparent, he is definitely onside with Bitcoin now, so now we wait for him to stop talking about shitcoins.


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