Run A Full Node Via Space With The Blockstream Satellite Base Station

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Run A Full Node Via Space With The Blockstream Satellite Base Station

Bitcoin company Blockstream has launched its Blockstream Satellite Base Station – a receiver that connects with the Bitcoin network from space.

The new product features an all-in-one antenna that enables users to run multiple full Bitcoin nodes without the need of Internet access or any other hardware.

According to the Blockstream website, ‘The Base Station is ideal for bitcoiners who want a secondary connection to the Bitcoin network for redundancy (e.g., in case of a beaver attack), or a primary connection for increased privacy.’

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As well as helping bitcoiners bulk up their privacy, The Blockstream Satellite connects most parts of the world, helping anyone living where an Internet connection isn’t always possible connect to the Bitcoin network.

Once installed, the flat panel antenna connects with the owner’s home network using Power over Etherenet (PoE).

Made with anti-rust reinforced plastic and equipped with dual-polarization capability for added resiliency, the antenna has a sleek look and is more compact than traditional antennas says Blockstream, who also claim it’s ‘more powerful than a conventional dish antenna, with a 20-30% higher signal efficiency thanks to its non-reflected signal collection.’

Benefits of Running a Bitcoin Node

Unlike mining, there are no payouts for running a Bitcoin node, so why do it? What are the benefits?

Running your own full node is the only way to have complete control and to ensure that all the rules of the Bitcoin protocol are being followed. 

Your full node will download the entire blockchain history, and work other nodes to keep the integrity of the Bitcoin protocol by fully validating all transactions on the network.

Also, running a Bitcoin node you will have complete control of your private keys and will rely on nobody for any data from the Bitcoin blockchain.

This also ensures your privacy will be complete, because without using your own node you have to broadcast your transactions to third party servers, who will know your IP address. Running your own node means you can get around this, so for full anonymity, run a full node.

In fact, running a node with Blockstream’s Base Station ensures users get even more privacy than traditional nodes, because sending a transaction from the antenna doesn’t use the Internet.

‘This one-way transmission provides increased privacy and security because your ISP and other users on the Bitcoin network are powerless in attempting to find you or pinpoint your location for espionage,’ says Blockstream.

As well as this, you’re also helping to decentralize the Bitcoin network even more. Nodes are critical to Bitcoin and we need as many in different locations as possible, and the best thing about Blockstream’s Base Station more nodes will be possible in far and wide locations.

Running a Bitcoin node isn’t for everyone, but Blockstream are bring the barriers of entry down in every way possible, and it is all helping decentralize the Bitcoin network even more.


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