Senator Ted Cruz Champions Bitcoin as Texas’s Next Energy Ally

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Senator Ted Cruz Champions Bitcoin as Texas’s Next Energy Ally

Senator Ted Cruz of Texas has shone more positive light on the symbiotic relationship between Bitcoin mining and the state’s energy infrastructure. Amid concerns over the fragility of the Texas power grid during inclement weather, Cruz spotlights the adaptability of Bitcoin mining operations.

In an insightful interview on Fox News Radio, Cruz articulated that Bitcoin mining fortifies the robustness of the state’s energy network. As the Lone Star State grapples with weather-induced challenges, the senator accentuated how these mining operations can judiciously power down during times of need.

This, Cruz asserts, can act as an emergency energy reserve, diverting power to critical sectors like hospitals and homes.

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“Texas is a hub for jobs, innovation, and freedom—making it the natural oasis for Bitcoin mining,” Cruz expounded in a tweet. The versatility of these operations, he added, boosts grid resiliency, especially when they temporarily suspend during adverse conditions, enabling the availability of electricity for crucial needs.

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It’s worth noting that the state’s Bitcoin miners responsibly paused their processes during a severe heatwave last June, alleviating the strain on Texas’s already pressured power grid.

Bipartisan Embrace: Bitcoin Gains Traction Among US Politicians

It’s not just Texas’s Senator Cruz that’s endorsing the burgeoning Bitcoin realm. In fact, political leaders across party lines are extending their support.

Republicans, such as Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis, entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy, and Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina, have been particularly vocal. In his groundbreaking presidential bid announcement on May 24, DeSantis confidently stated his intent to “protect” Bitcoin, emphasizing that those involved with the cryptocurrency are astute enough to make informed decisions.

Ramaswamy, too, is rallying for a Bitcoin-friendly environment. His announcement at the recent Bitcoin 2023 conference in Miami, declaring that his campaign would accept Bitcoin donations, only underlines his commitment.

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But it’s not exclusively a Republican game. The Democrats, albeit more cautiously, are coming around. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand of New York and Republican Senator Cynthia Lummis jointly presented a bill seeking transparent crypto regulations.

And then there’s, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. endorsing Bitcoin regularly. Recently in a tweet, the presidential candidate talked of money manipulation and how Bitcoin can help democratize the government.

“Bitcoin is not only a bulwark against totalitarianism and the manipulation of our money supply,” said Kennedy Jr. “it points the way toward a future in which government institutions are more transparent and more democratic.”


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