The November 28 Cycles Theory: Bitcoin’s Next Big Thing?

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A Peek into the “November 28 Cycles Theory”

Bitcoin has been hibernating for the better part of two years. Sure it enjoyed a good run earlier this year, but Bitcoiners have been twiddling their thumbs waiting for a hint of a bullish return. It’s like waiting for the final season of your favorite show – you know, the one that keeps getting postponed?

While the wait has seen a flurry of theories, Bitcoin’s BFF (Best Financial Forecast) might just come from an unexpected source.

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s… CryptoCon’s tweet. The popular analyst has seemingly cracked the Da Vinci code of Bitcoin, offering a dazzling theory that suggests we might just be on the brink of another Bitcoin bonanza.

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The Tea on CryptoCon’s Digital Divinations

Ah, November 28. You thought it was just the aftermath of Turkey Day binges, but in the Bitcoinsphere, it’s got a little more significance. Centered around this date is the “November 28 Cycles Theory,” which, if CryptoCon’s musings are accurate, has our favorite digital coin revving its engines for the next lap.

November 28 Cycle Theory

“Bitcoin’s journey? It’s a cyclical rollercoaster that kicks off around the November 28th magic date. Sometimes it’s up, sometimes it’s down, but it’s always a wild ride,” commented our dear analyst.

Tracing its price actions back to the very first dip in 2010, CryptoCon’s map paints a picture of a coin that, every four years, gives us a hint of what’s to come. The promise? A probable upswing starting November 28, 2024, with a peak around the same day in 2025 and a valley in 2026. And for the ones doing the math, expect a mid-cycle lull around June 2027.

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Four-year cycles? They’re like that old sweater you can’t get rid of. Predictable yet full of surprises, woth CryptoCon claiming the “time cycles have remained accurate until today.”

But here’s the silver lining amidst the clouds: Bitcoin’s revival might come even sooner, concedes CryptoCon, with the Bitcoin ETF acting as a potential fairy godmother. Plus, there’s the whole Bitcoin halving event serving as a potential rally starter.

All in all, whether its the Bitcoin ETF, the halving, or as CryptoCon claims, the November 28 Cycle, we should be in for a bullish 2024 and beyond.


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