Trezor Safe 3 Bitcoin-only Hardware Wallet

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Unlocking the Fortress of Bitcoin: Trezor Safe 3 Bitcoin-only Wallet

Dive into a world where your Bitcoin isn’t just secure but is housed in a sleek, intuitive, and pioneering device. Welcome to the Trezor Safe 3, a Bitcoin-only wallet that’s not merely a safe but your private treasury.

In the constantly evolving Bitcoin universe, the balance of maintaining robust security without compromising user experience has always been a precarious one. The Trezor Safe 3 doesn’t just strike this balance, it redefines it.

Engineered with the prowess of pioneering technology and a design philosophy that marries aesthetics with functionality, this Bitcoin-only wallet stands as a testament to what is achievable when innovation meets security.

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Elegant Aesthetics, Sturdy Safeguard: The Trezor Safe 3

With the Trezor Safe 3, witness a seamless amalgamation of style and functionality. Its refined, modernistic design is not just an eye-catcher but also a sturdy vault, ensuring that your bitcoins are armored against potential threats.

Trazor Safe 3 Bitcoin only wallet

Navigating through the Trezor Safe 3 is an effortless journey, thanks to its:

  • Two-button pad: for uncomplicated, user-friendly operation.
  • 0.96′ Monochromatic OLED and 128 x 64 pixels: offering a crisp and clear display.
  • USB-C: providing swift and stable connectivity.

Unyielding Security Measures

Utilizing the cutting-edge Secure Element (EAL6+) and armed with a device-entry passphrase, the Trezor Safe 3 is not merely a wallet, it’s your personal, impenetrable Bitcoin security pair.

With the Trezor Safe 3, your bitcoins are perpetually safeguarded. Choose the Standard Backup, with its 12-word list, or escalate your security with the Shamir Backup, ensuring even tighter protection with multiple word lists.

Heightened Privacy and Control

Your anonymity is our priority. With features like:

  • Coinjoin: to mix your transactions, ensuring they’re lost in the crowd.
  • Coin control: to increase privacy by managing transaction outputs.
  • Tor: to safeguard your identity online.

Trezor Safe 3 crafts a cloak of invisibility around your transactions.

Trazor Safe 3 Bitcoin only wallet

Be it Standard Backup for easy access with a simple 12-word list or the Shamir Backup, offering you that extra peace of mind with multiple word lists, your wallet recovery is just as secure as the wallet itself.

Embrace a world where your two-factor authentication is further fortified by FIDO2 Standard, ensuring that your bitcoins are accessible to no one but you.

In the Box: Your Keys to the Treasury

  • Trezor Safe 3 Bitcoin-only hardware wallet: your new fortress.
  • USB-C cable: for unswerving connectivity.
  • 2x Recovery seed card: your backup plan, solid and secure.
  • Start-up guide: your map to navigating the Trezor Safe 3.
  • Trezor stickers: a dash of fun with your new, secure treasury.

Built to Last, Certified to Protect

The Trezor Safe 3 doesn’t just house your bitcoins, it protects them with CE and RoHS certification, meeting all quality, reliability, and environmental standards. They are not only X-ray safe but also suitable for air travel.

Comprising durable PMMA plastic with a hidden-tilt effect, tamper-evident casing, anodized aluminum backplates, precise buttons, and intricate laser engraving, it’s built to stand the test of time and threats.

Trezor Safe 3 Bitcoin only wallet

Product Details Tailored for You

Dimensions & Weight

  • Product: 59x32x7.4 mm / 14 g (2.3×1.3×0.3 in / 0.5 oz)
  • Package: 145x92x21 mm / 66 g (5.7×3.6×0.8 in / 2.3 oz)

Technological Edge

  • Operating temperature: -20°C to +60°C (-4°F to +140°F)
  • CPU: 180MHz embedded ARM processor (Cortex M4)

Your Digital Fort Awaits – The Trezor Safe 3

Your bitcoins deserve not just a wallet but a sanctuary. With Trezor Safe 3, experience a synergy of top-notch security, uncompromising quality, and avant-garde technology, where the future of bitcoin security is in your hands.


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